About us

Pili Carrera is a leader in the production and distribution of children's fashion, offering under the same brand -Pili Carrera-, its collections for newborns, babies, girls, boys, childcare, furniture and a line of cosmetics for babies.
Its origins date back to 1963 when the Carrera family began to make knitwear for babies. After an outstanding growth process, in 1980 the collections for girls and boys were incorporated which, together with the start of exports to the main foreign markets in 1987 and the opening of the first single-brand store in Vigo in 1991, represented an important point of turning point for the company. From that moment on, the firm continued its expansion process in the national and international market and launched its first Childcare and Furniture collection in 1997. Its consolidated presence in Spain through a network of single-brand stores, the recognition of its brand in the different markets and the high level of quality of its products have made Pili Carrera a benchmark of interest in the sector worldwide.
Obtaining the highest level of quality in all its articles is the main priority of Pili Carrera. For this reason, the production process of the collections is characterized by having a rigorous quality control system that begins at the very moment of choosing the raw materials. Fabrics and yarns go through a strict quality test and a careful selection before being admitted to become part of the manufacturing process.
The Pili Carrera facilities are equipped with the latest technology and incorporate state-of-the-art machinery. An innovative industry that, however, has not neglected the artisanal techniques of traditional clothing. Handmade artisan embroidery and laborious details designed and made with great care have become a characteristic hallmark of the firm and are the result of a complex combination of modernity and tradition applied to the elaboration of its creations.